Buying New Townhouse

Letter of Appreciation to Steve Shields Sotheby’s International Realty

I cannot begin to express my deepest and utmost appreciation to Steve Shields Realtor with Sotheby’s International. I first met Steve in 2016, he was referred to me by my Lawyer whilst I was involved in obtaining a market analysis of a family Estate Home. First and Foremost was the loss of a loved one and moving forward with all that had to be done. Steve was there during this process and assisted me in a capacity more than a realtor needed to provide. In October of 2018 Steve and I embarked on the next journey of finding me a new home “A new place he said which would be my home” We attended 30 or so more homes (showings) plus many more on print, Steve was always available to help me through all the stats and viewings, he would jump in his car and meet me at the many places that we viewed together.

I would text Steve and say “I think this is the one” Steve would say “I’m on my way “. Steve would run up the stats, talk to the listing Agent and by the time he arrived at the place of interest we would chat and go over all what this listing had to offer. In addition Steve would forward me stats and always be available to chat or text on the phone. Even while he was on holidays. Thus to the journey of finding my dream home became a reality in March when we put in an offer and the offer was accepted. Steve’s talent of negotiating fairly so that everyone was happy resulted in the acceptance of our offer. 

Steve understood my emotions going forward and was compassionate and caring. He was knowledgeable in every aspect of a Townhouse purchase with Strata Documents. He was even a mentor to the New Realtor who had the listing. Closing was June and everything has gone so amazingly smooth thanks to Steve. Steve is knowledgeable, compassionate, fair, and trustworthy. Steve truly goes out of his way to ensure his client is happy and secure in the purchase of their new home.

I would highly recommend Steve and look forward to working again with him in 2020

~ Gloria E., Burnaby

Selling House 

"Last year, I put my house on the market to sell in late fall. I hired a reputable realtor but after 2 months, I received one offer that was far below my asking price. I decided to pull my house off the market and was not happy with the advice to keep dropping my price. The following year, I hired Steve to sell my house and he recommended that I add a few minor upgrades to increase the value and he recommended the best time to put the house on the market so I get the price I want. After a few minor upgrades (which gave me 100% return on my investment), Steve was able to sell my house within 5 days of publishing on the MLS. He listened to my goals, my needs and managed my expectations. He knew my floor price and was committed to getting me the most for the property."

~ Chanelle D., Pitt Meadows

Buying New Townhouse

"I hired Steve to help me buy my property in Port Moody. There was very little inventory that met my criteria but nonetheless, he didn’t discourage me from shopping around. After a few weeks of looking, I was able to adjust my criteria to be more realistic. I found a brand new townhouse in an up-and-coming neighbourhood in Port Moody. He negotiated the price down and saved me $24k off the original asking price. He was at all the inspections and deficiency walk-throughs and negotiated additional things like missing hardware in the bathrooms. I was pleased with the purchase. Steve was able to negotiate the price to meet my price range and he was there to negotiate any deficiencies even after I had moved into the home."

~ Chanelle D., Port Moody

Buying Townhouse

"Steve represented my wife and I in a purchase of a condo in East Vancouver and negotiated a purchase price that was $10,000.00 less than what we privately told him we were willing to pay. We were in awe that Steve negotiated so hard and ethically on our behalf and will not hesitate in using him in the future."

~Andrew R., Vancouver East

Buying Condo

"We really appreciated your hard work, honesty and negotiation skills in getting us our place".

~ Yvonne L., Vancouver East

Selling Condo

"Hi Our favorite realtor, Steve.  I really appreciate you put all your time, sincerity and enthusiasm on us. You are more than a realtor to us. I pray and bless you not just for selling and buying our house well through you, but also your life is full of peace, joy and eternal life in God's grace. THank u so much working so hard for us with your heart."

~ J. Lee., Burnaby

Buying House 

High Level of Attention to Detail - From the time Steve walked through the door he was on the ball, observing a high degree of details on our behalf.  Although he wasn’t acting in an inspector’s capacity, he pays close attention to code/inspection aspects when viewing houses.  It was refreshing to see he treated each house viewing like it was for himself, immediately highlighting any issues of concern as well as the positives.  Steve is very diligent and noticed many features/issues of the houses we viewed with him that we didn’t.  This is particularly helpful as often when viewing a property the purchaser can have a ‘blinkered’ attitude especially if the property shows well and they are not being realistic.

Property Appropriateness Analysis – Steve had a firm grasp of what we were looking for and could make sound judgement on whether a property was likely to work for us or not rather than showing us any or all properties in a general price range or neighborhood.  He was also able to advise us on whether the house was a good buy or not.  Steve showed a genuine interest in helping us to find the right property. Steve drove the neighborhoods with us commenting on aspects of the properties that potentially affected offer price negotiations as well as potential effects on future resale value.

Excellent Information Source – As a first time buyer in BC, Steve proved himself to be an invaluable and reliable source of information about the housing market and house buying process generally.  He also went the extra mile in gaining additional information from City officials on our behalf as well as prompting the seller’s realtor when he wasn’t performing as expected.

Excellent Communication Throughout The Whole Process
– Steve is a top notch professional who kept us informed continually throughout the process with excellent advice and feedback.

Excellent Knowledge Base – Steve is extremely knowledgeable on all parts of the house buying process including identifying and explaining the potential for incurring additional costs.

~ D. & V. McDowall., Fraser Heights, Surrey, BC

Selling Our Past and Buying Our Future

"We've had a few realtors in the past and in all honesty, none have come close to the services that Steve provided in both the selling and buying of our home.  To start things off, Steve was very available and responsive.  Let's just say, my number of text messages and minutes sky rocketed the last couple of months.  He was always there when we needed him, either to help us stage our home to sell or to view a home we were interested in.  Second, his attention to detail in listings and love for number crunching helped us focus on what we can and cannot afford. Yes, he swayed us away from homes that were either too expensive outright for our budget or will demand deep pockets for renovations later, even though we were very interested in them. He knew what we were capable of and avoided both a financial crisis and buyer's remorse. Third, his background in home renovations helped with preparing our condo for sale as well as inspecting our potential new home for quality construction.  He was able to clarify and educate me on what makes a good quality home and spot costly repairs - this alone sets him apart from most realtors and was a deal maker for us. Fourth, he took his work personally.  You can tell when realtors are out to just take advantage of the hot market.  We've learned that by now after a few realtors.  The list goes on and Steve therefore goes without a doubt as highly recommended.  

~ E. Goingo., Burnaby

First-time Home Buyer

Working with Steve for the last five months has truly been a pleasure. I cannot begin to express my utmost appreciation for all the work he has put in throughout this process as I was able to purchase my very first home! Steve has had access to a wide variety of connections and even introduced me to a great mortgage broker and lawyer who were both very well-experienced and resourceful. In addition to being professional and personable, Steve has always been very flexible and readily available to attend several viewings with me. For every viewing, Steve comes prepared and organized and continually provides me with an abundance of information on each property as well as current stats of the market! Steve also has great attention to detail and an extensive knowledge on what to look for in a property as well as what to be mindful of. Not only was he able to save me $15,000 off the asking price but he also managed to convince the sellers to pay GST. I have learned a lot from him over the last few months. He showed great empathy towards my concerns as a first-time buyer and instilled hope that I would find “the one”. I would not hesitate to recommend Steve to all my friends and family, and I am eager to work with him again in the future. Thank you so much Steve!

~ D. Hernandez., River District Condo., Vancouver East

Selling House

After my home had been on the market for 6 months without selling, i hired Steve Shields of Sotheby's Int'l Realty to market my home.  His knowledge of the market, honest evaluation of my home and hard work got it sold fast.  Steve used the interenet extensively, including virtual tours and worldwide websites to give my home as much exposure as possible.  He held numerous open houses, REALTOR tours, neighbourhood flyers, and much more to help sell my home.  His level of personal service was beyond expectations.  In th eend, his creativeity helped piece together a deal that got me top dollar for my home and helped my find a great new investment property.  There is no other REALTOR that i would recommend".

~ Marilyn S.

"We are both so impressed with Steve during the selling of our home.  He marketed our home to local and internatonal markets for potential buyers.  He followed up with agents after each showing to ascertain any interests or comments from prospects.  We certainly felt he went above and beyond to sell out home. "

~ D. & R. Moser

" under 60 days...for exactly the amount he said he would get!  Steve's ability to bring the right buyers into my home made the selling process easy.  His marketing included listings on many site on the internet, open houses, newpaper advertising and more.  While many othe rhomes in our neighborhood have not sold, Steve looked after all the details and sold mine fast.  Right down to negotiating the deal, Steve looked after all the details, and made the process an enjoyabe and worry free one.

~ Phyllis R.